One Planet Pack Sizing Guide

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One Planet Pack Sizing Guide One Planet Pack Sizing Guide

One Planet Pack Sizing

The following One Planet references may help selecting the correct size pack.

Back length: the length of your back needs to be matched by a pack with a suitable frame length. We refer to our frames as short, medium and long.
Harness fits: the One Planet Exact Fit harness has eight harness fits (four male, four female), while the Midi harness has three
(one is a women's fit). The hipbelts and shoulder straps of each are designed to match different body shapes and sizes.
Shoulder strap adjustment: adjusts the distance allowed for between the shoulders and the hips, within the confines of the frame‚Äôs length.
Frames: One Planet packs with the Exact Fit and Midi harness systems are available with three frame lengths: short, medium and long. As a general rule,
most women have a short or medium back length, while most men have a medium or long back length.

Measuring back length:

To measure your back length, record the vertical distance from a point level with the crest of your shoulders to your iliac crest (the top of the hip bone).

Up to 410mm = Short Back
410mm to 460mm = Medium Back
More than 460mm = Long Back

Six easy steps to an Exact Fit

1. Measure your back length, from the Iliac crest (the top of the hip bone) to the shoulder ridge.  

2. Match your body shape with your back length. (see below diagram)
3. Loosen the Exact Fit, top tension and shoulder strap adjuster buckles, then extend the shoulder straps up the frame as far as they will go. (See image below.)

4. Place pack on, put the hipbelt around the hips so the lumbar pad sits neatly in the lumbar region.

5. Lightly adjust the shoulder straps so the 'magic seam' is located 50 to 100 millimetres (approximately) from the shoulder ridge.
6. Adjust the Exact Fit buckle to remove any gap between the shoulder strap and the shoulder.
Be careful not to over adjust.

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