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Sea to Summit Ultra-Dry Down
Ultra-Dry Down has a water repellent treatment protecting the down from moisture and condensation. The water repellent polymer treatment vastly improves the downs water repellency without effecting it's weight or loft performance. Ultra-Dry Down retains over 60% more loft and absorbs 30% less moisture when compared with untreated down. This not only helps insulate better in wet conditions but means Ultra-Dry Down bags dry much quicker too. The treatment also stops bacterial and microbial growth, making the bags more hygenic and giving them a longer life span.

Mountain Hardwear Q.Shield Down

Q.Shield DOWN is a giant leap forward in down performance. Down fibers are infused with a permanent water repellency that helps maintain insulating performance even when exposed to moisture.

Mont DWR Loft 

The DWR Loft down in some of Mont's sleeping bags is treated with a durable water repellent polymer that protects the down from moisture while also improving the loft.