McNett Seam Grip Field Repair Kit

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McNett Seam Grip® Field Repair Kit

McNett Seam Grip® Field Repair Kit




Take-along insurance for a good night’s sleep.


With the ultralight Seam Grip® Field Repair Kit you can repair sleeping pads, fix inflatable mattresses, and patch up just about anything else. Use SeamGrip and Tenacious™ Tape to make fast, jaw-dropping repairs to pads, boots, tents, tarps, packs, rainwear and more. Works on fabrics (non-silicone treated), leather and many other materials.

The Seam Grip Field Repair Kit is part of a comprehensive line of Care and Repair products from Gear Aid. With Gear Aid, anyone can be a master of gear repair.

  • • Kit includes: 1 SeamGrip Urethane Adhesive, 2 Tenacious Tape Adhesive Patches, 1 Application Brush, an Expert Field Repair Guide.
  • • Ultralight and compact
  • Permanently and quickly fixes leaks, cuts and tears.
  • • For use on sleeping pads, boots, tents, rainwear, packs, gaiters, gloves, bivy sacks and more

The ultralight repair kit that does it all

This kit provides permanent, instant field repairs to Therm-A-Rest® Mattresses, sleeping pads, boots and shoes, outerwear, tents, packs and more. Kit includes an Expert Field Repair Guide, 1/4 oz. Seam Grip adhesive and sealant, 2 removable Clean Tape™ Patches and an application brush.

Repair Almost Anything—Instantly!

Quick fix for a hole or leak in sleeping pad or inflatable mattress

Clean surface, apply a dab of Seam Grip®, cover with a Tenacious™ Patch and your pad is ready to use.

Detailed Repair Instructions

Pad RepairSeam Grip RepairSeam Grip RepairSeam Grip RepairSeam Grip RepairSeam GripSeam Grip Repair

Before you begin 
Clean and dry area to be repaired. Oils, waxes on boots, sunblock and other residue may affect adhesion. Remove oils and waxes on boots with McNett Seam Cleaner or isopropyl alcohol before repairing. For Best Results: For professional looking repairs use Seam Grip alone or Seam Grip with Cotol-240 Cure Accelerator (to speed cure time to 2 hours). Repairs using a few drops of water to speed cure time are less aesthetic.

To Repair Holes in Self-Inflating Mattresses
Apply Seam Grip to cover hole and spread ¼ inch (4mm) beyond (Fig 1). Allow to dry level 8 hours.

TO USE PAD SOONER: Technique for small (dime-sized) repairs only. Mix a few drops of water into Seam Grip® before applying to hole. Apply mixture and allow to cure level for 30 minutes (Fig 2). Then center patch and apply over Seam Grip .

PATCH MUST EXTEND AT LEAST ½ INCH BEYOND SEAM GRIP AND BOND DIRECTLY AND SOLIDLY TO PAD FABRIC (Fig. 3). This minimizes the possibility of Seam Grip seeping out from under patch.

Pad may be used immediately. Remove patch after 3 days, Seam Grip repair is permanent.

To Seal Leaking Tent Seams
Seal seam inside tent. Apply Seam Grip to seam. Brush under fabric folds and into stitching. (Fig. 4) Allow Seam Grip to cure 8 to 12 hours before packing tent.

If tent must be used or packed sooner: Dry area, apply patches alone. Patches may be cut into several pieces for maximum coverage.

To Re-attach Boot and Shoe Soles
Clean bonding surfaces with isopropyl alcohol. At minimum: clean with brush and water and remove all dirt.

Apply generous amount of Seam Grip to interior surfaces and spread with brush (Fig. 5).

Compress sole to upper. Remove excess with stick.

Use filled water bottle, rocks, etc. (use plenty of weight to hold repair in place) to hold sole in place 8 to 12 hours (Fig. 6).

TO USE BOOT SOONER: Mix a few drops of water into Seam Grip before pressing sole to upper. Boot will be ready to use in approximately 3 hours.

To Re-attach Rands on Boots
Use solvent such as isopropyl alcohol to remove waterproofing waxes on bonding surfaces. Buff area with brush or stick to expose untreated leather. Apply Seam Grip, cover with an adhesive patch and use a strap (or shoelaces) and a stick to press rand closed against boot (Fig. 7). Allow to cure overnight, remove patch.

To Seal or Repair Seams in Boots and Shoes: Clean bonding surfaces with isopropyl alcohol or similar solvent to remove waterproofing waxes.

Apply thin coating of Seam Grip using brush.

To Repair Pin Holes and Tears in Tents, Packs and Clothing
Apply patch on outside of item to create removable backing.

Apply Seam Grip to other side (interior) and allow to cure level 8 to 12 hours. To use item immediately, Dry damaged area, apply patches alone.

To Repair Large Holes in Packs
Apply peel and stick patch to interior surface to create backing. Apply Seam Grip to exterior surface of hole and ¼ inch (4mm) beyond onto undamaged surface.

Allow to cure level for 8 to 12 hours. Remove patch.

To Reinforce Damaged Pack Straps and Gaiter Underfoot Straps
Apply peel and stick patch to create backing.

Apply Seam Grip to damaged area and ¼ inch beyond. Allow to cure level for 45 minutes. Remove patch. Cure overnight.





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