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Wheeled Travel Packs

Over the years travel has become easier and those far off dream destinations have become more accessible. Wheeled travel packs are designed to give you the convenience of traditional wheeled luggage while offering carrying comfort when the route becomes less even.  At hiking.com.au we have a wide range of wheeled travel packs from the outdoor industries finest manufacturers including Osprey.

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Author: JT   Date Posted: 2 September 2015  

Weeeee, we are of again on another holiday but this time its very comforting to have a bag on wheels. I am surrounded by wheeled luggag...

Backpacks come in a range of different sizes and styles designed to fulfill the requirements of a multitude of different activities. When choosing a pack the first thing to decide is what size of pack you require. Often this will depend on the length of time that you intend to be away for. As a rough guide we have split the pack capacities into four ranges relating to the intended length of time that will be spent away...