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For many years the only luggage options for going travelling were the suitcase and the backpack. Suitcases were ideal for travelling to more developed areas but were not so easy to carry when heading to more remote destinations they did though provide excellent access to all your gear. Backpacks were great for going off the beaten track but weren't secure, could easily get caught on airport carousels and only had top access to your gear. Then came along the travel pack offering the best features of a suitcase and a backpack in the same piece of luggage with excellent access to gear through large, lockable zip openings,  padded carry handles and also a backpack harness that zips out of harms way when not required.

We have a wide range of travel packs at from some of the finest travel luggage manufacturers including Oprey Packs and more 

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Author: john taylor   Date Posted: 19 May 2016  

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Backpacks come in a range of different sizes and styles designed to fulfill the requirements of a multitude of different activities. When choosing a pack the first thing to decide is what size of pack you require. Often this will depend on the length of time that you intend to be away for. As a rough guide we have split the pack capacities into four ranges relating to the intended length of time that will be spent away...