Frequently Asked Questions - Tents

Our Tent FAQs page contains the answers to a range of commonly asked questions that have been put to us over the years by our customers to help them select the correct tent for their needs Our Tent FAQs page contains the answers to a range of commonly asked questions that have been put to us over the years by our customers to help them select the correct tent for their needs

Frequently Asked Questions - Tents

Q-I have 2 people hiking and I need a tent? 
A-Generally a 2 person hiking tent will be fine but with very little spare room left for anything else, we always offer a 3 person tent if you want some extra internal space.

Q-How many tent poles come with the tent? 
A-Most 2 person tents come with 2-3 tent poles and generally colour coded or a difference in length to work out which pole goes where?

Q-How heavy is the tent? 
A-Most hiking tents are around the 2KG-2.5KG in weight.

Q-What is the packed size of the tent? 
A-The packed size of a 2 person hiking tent will roll up to about the length of the poles given then the thickness will be governed by the quality and amount of fabric the tent is made from.

Q-How waterproof is this tent? 
A-This will always be a measured system and the terminology for measuring waterproofness is called “Water Head Level” and this could be between 500mm WHL to 10,000mm WHL

Q-How many tent pegs does my tent come with? 
A-Depending on the size of your tent it will come with approximately 6-10 tent pegs, Tents will vary with the amount of tent pegs offered depending how basic the tent is in design, you can always add more pegs.

Q-How do I store my tent? 
A-When you return from hiking trip always air out your tent for a week to make sure the tent is DRY.

A-All products are provided with instructions either in paper form , printed in the stuff sac of the tent or on the manufacturers website.

Q-Warranty of my new hiking tent?
A-All products come with a warranty on manufacturers faults, This can vary between manufacturers and quality of the tent, Generally 12 months is the norm but Exped come with a strict 5 year warranty. Always refer to the manufacturers website for more detailed information as each brand can be different.

Q-How much is this tent? 
A-This will vary greatly from $100-1500 and depends on quality, design, materials used.


When we select models of tents for our customers we are look at the following points.

  • Fabrics used: Sil-Nylon, Nylon, Polyester.
  • Waterproofing: What waterproofing has been used on the fabric.
  • Tent Inne: Does this tent have Mesh inner or a nylon inner, Mesh will be lighter but colder, Nylon is heavier but warmer.
  • Floor size: More area for equipment and a more comfortable mattress, also inviting a third person in a two man tent.
  • Internal room sizeGreater comfort more room for larger people with more head height.
  • Vestibule size: The more size in the vestibule creates a greater area for storage of equipment outside the inner tent., This is extremely handy in foul weather.
  • Door size: A larger door increases zipper length and make a more user friendly area to enter or exit your hiking tent.
  • Poles Construction: How many poles and what the alloy is e.g. DAC Featherlite poles, The more poles creates a stronger structure.
  • Pegs: How many pegs the tent comes with in the package.
  • Packaged size: How compact the tent is depends on the quality of fabrics, poles, pegs, guy ropes packed with the product.

In most cases the cheaper the product will mean you receive a heavier tent with little room for being as user friendly when your are on your hike.
Answer - We have many world leading brands e.g. MSR, Exped, One Planet, Marmot and so on. All our hiking tents are light weight enough for general users and most are around 2KG – 2.5KG depending on how much you want to spend and the destination you are travelling.

All of the points above are definitely great questions provided by our customers, and all models of tents probably come with a varied answers, especially from different stores and sales staff you will speak to in regards to your next purchase.