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Zempire Camping Equipment has been developing premium camping products since 2006. Originally based in Christchurch, Zempire is now located in Hamilton, New Zealand. Starting out as a small team of outdoor enthusiasts thinking up innovative camping ideas, the brand has now grown to be one of the most trusted in the world. Zempire Camping products can now be found in many countries including the UK, Europe, Australia, Asia and all across the South Pacific. 

Zempire Camping Equipment has gained a reputation for creating innovative high quality products, as can be seen from these highlights: 

2006 - The irst range of Freedom Camping designed CANVAS and DOME tents are sold in specialist camping stores throughout New Zealand 

2007 - The GRAND becomes the first canvas tent in the market to feature an integrated twin layer, mesh, vented roof

         - Product range expanded to include camping furniture and accessories

2008 - The AIRFLOW series become the first dome tents to feature a fully ventilated, 3 layer, roof system.

         - Head Office moved to Hamilton, New Zealand.

2009 - The INVERT series becomes the first dome tents to feature a inverted door to create extra internal space.

2011 - UK distribution established under the Zempire Camping brand

         - Korean distribution established under the Zempire Camping brand

2012 - The C4 become the first dome tents to feature fully sealed, and waterproof, removable rooms and awnings.

         - Taiwan distribution established under the Zempire Camping brand.

2014 - Rebranded to Freedom Zempire to aid expansion of international markets

         - AERODOME series become the first TPU, inflatable, family dome tents available in the New Zealand market

2015 - Australian Distribution established

Zempire Camping Equipment is an extremely proud New Zealand brand and is now spreading our unique spin on premium quality, innovative, new age camping gear to rest of the world. We have now done extensive research on the specific requirements of international markets, such as the UK and Europe. We have ensured our tents are designed specifically to withstand the rigours of Northern Hemisphere weather extremes.

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