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Light & Motion
Light & Motion design and manufacture industry leading high powered LED lighting systems, flashlights and headlamps. 100% built in the USA

Founded in 1989 by two Stanford university graduates. They developed a high powered portable underwater lighting system in Monterey, California. Twenty years later they are still situated in the same spot. They strive, through intense research and development, to remain industry leaders in high power LED lighting systems and consistently achieve this.

All Light & Motion products are design and built in the USA

Light & Motion has been recognized for its leadership in reducing waste and emissions by recycling and utilizing alternative transportation. Light & Motion encourages consumers to return discharged batteries for safe recycling. The company is recognized by the US Congress, California State Assembly and AMBAG for outstanding and invaluable service to the community, and has received the WRAP and Green business awards for their conservation efforts, as well as receiving the 2008 California Small Business of the Year. 

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