What equipment to take hiking in the Australian wilderness

Author: John Taylor   Date Posted:16 February 2015 

Quality Camping & Hiking Equipment in Australia

One of the best ways to visit Australia's treasures is to hike and camp during your trip. There are so many beautiful places to visit such as the Snowy Mountains in New South Wales where hiking opportunities abound or places like the Jarrah or Tinglewood forests, which are ideal locations to bring the whole family while exploring wildlife. As charming and scenic as these places are, they are also prone to extreme temperatures and uneven terrain that require quality camping & hiking gear to make your experience a safe one.

Preparing for Safe Hiking Trips in the Australian Wilderness

Anyone interested in exploring high peaks should always prepare thermal outdoor clothing such as thermal underpants as well as pants and jackets that are also good wind breakers. Aside from packing your bag with high-tech climbing equipment, it is always a good idea to ask yourself three critical questions about your upcoming hiking trip, to ensure that you are fully prepared for the trip and know exactly what to bring.

  1. How long will you be away? The size of your hiking backpacks will certainly have to reflect this. Lowe Alpine hiking packs come in a wide range of designs and styles to help you prepare for such trips. You must also get the amount of food you want to take with you just right so that you are not carrying heavy loads for nothing. Hiking stoves can greatly come in handy on especially long trips – consider investing in Snowpeak stoves, which are featherweight and very compact.
  2. What will the weather be like? This is important to research since weather temperatures can go from very hot to very cold in a matter of hours in some remote locations. Your sleeping bags must also be warm enough to accommodate any type of weather.
  3. What will the terrain be like? If you are going to extreme altitudes, you better invest in the right hiking boots. For example, Asolo boots are some of the highest rated boots for mountaineering and trekking.

Always remember to take frequent breaks and bring enough water bottles on your trip so that you can avoid dehydration! Other important accessories you shouldn’t forget are headlights, a pocketknife, maps & compasses, matches and an electric torch.

Camping in the Australian Outback For an Ultimate Adventure

There is nothing quite like sitting around a campfire in the evening, while seeing a red sunset or perhaps a few kangaroos jumping by. Why not take a Hennessey hammock with you so that you can relax in style after an arduous day of hiking. For couples and groups the perfect way to go camping would be to use rooftop tents. MSR tents are particularly lightweight and models such as the Elixir 3 can hold 3 people easily.

Other accessories you shouldn’t forget are Exped sleeping mats and tents, a CamelBak hydration pack, a Petzl headlamp, a first aid kit and other outdoor survival kits such as those manufactured by Sea to Summit.

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Hiking Essentials


□ Hiking Tent

□ Gaiters

□ Hiking Tarp

□ Hiking Socks

□ Hiking Pack

□ Hiking Boots

□ Hiking Pack Cover

□ Base Layer

□ Hiking Pack Liner

□ Second Layer

□ Hiking Dry Bags

□ Third Layer

□ Sleeping Bag

□ Down Clothing

□ Pillow

□ Waterproof Jacket

□ Sleeping Bag Liner

□ Sunglasses

□ Hiking Stove

□ Gloves

□ Fuel Bottle

□ Beanie

□ Cooking Utensils

□ Hat

□ Cooking Pots and pans

□ Emergency Change Clothing

□ Mess Kit


□ Food


□ Food Storage Containers


□ Rubbish Bags


□ Cutlery Set

Personal Items

□ Freeze Dried Food

□ Drink Bottles

□ Tooth Brush

Hydration Bladder

□ Toilet Paper

□ Water Treatment

Biodegradable Soap

□ Compass

□ Brush/Comb


□ Towel

□ Emergency Epirb Beacon

Insect Repellent

□ Map

□ Sunscreen

□ Map Case

□ Lip Balm

□ Guide Book

□ Mobile Phone

□ Head Lamp + Spare Batteries

□ Pedometer

□ Whistle

□ Pocket Knife / Multi Tool

□ Fire Steel

□ Walking Pole

□ Emergency Blanket

□ Watch

□ Survival Bag

□ Camera

□ First Aid Kit

□ Binoculars

□ Fuel Bottle


□ Repair / Spare Part Kit


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