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Author: JT   Date Posted:2 September 2015 

MSR Hiking Tents After a while i found hiking tents, actually all tents have unseen hidden flaws and are not what they are cracked up to be.

After a while i found hiking tents, actually all tents have unseen hidden flaws and are not what they are cracked up to be.
lets face reality cheap is cheap on all aspects and will end up costing you more in the long run.
The cheaper tents on the market are undersized in all aspects of size and materials.

The tents are smaller and you may not see it on websites or in the store you are looking but i can assure you they are undersized.

The roof pitching over straight away from the center of your tent, decreases the volume of internal living area, especially in the corners of your tent.
MSR Mountain Safety Research

MSR Elixir 2
MSR Elixir 2

The tent vestibule is teeny weeny and hard to crawl around to enter your doorway of the inner of the tent.

MSR Extended Vestibule

The door access area that you consistently crawl through entering and exiting the hiking tent.


The materials internally should unless specified have a nice mix of mesh for ventilation and some nylon panels to keep the breeze directly of you when sleeping.
The poles should be DAC Featherlite alumium for strength , weight and flexibility,
oh and weight.

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The floor of the tent should come up around the sides and protect from mud or rain splashing inside the tent, mud walls.

Guy ropes should not slip but they do and the reason for this is WATER, RAIN saturating cheap rope causing the guy ropes to stretch and letting the fly sheet touch the inner walls of your tent.

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Taped Seams and Mud Floor

Sealed taped seams are a bonus and should have no air bubbles for a chance of the tape lifting after 6 moths 2 years or just when it runs out of warranty.

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Pack ability will always end up with the ability to roll the tent up and pack it away in a hurry.

Remember you can forget the rent get a good quality tent....

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