Down Technology in Sleeping bags

Author: John Taylor   Date Posted:24 April 2015 

Sea to Summit Ultra-Dry Down.
Ultra-Dry Down has a water repellent treatment protecting the down from moisture and condensation. The water repellent polymer treatment vastly improves the downs water repellency without effecting it's weight or loft performance. Ultra-Dry Down retains over 60% more loft and absorbs 30% less moisture when compared with untreated down. This not only helps insulate better in wet conditions but means Ultra-Dry Down bags dry much quicker too. The treatment also stops bacterial and microbial growth, making the bags more hygenic and giving them a longer life span.

Mountain Hardwear Q.Shield Down.

Q.Shield DOWN is a giant leap forward in down performance. Down fibers are infused with a permanent water repellency that helps maintain insulating performance even when exposed to moisture.

Mont DWR Loft.

The DWR Loft down in some of Mont's sleeping bags is treated with a durable water repellent polymer that protects the down from moisture while also improving the loft.

One Planet Down.

To keep it simple, here’s a guide to One Planet references.
Loft: a measure of how efficiently the down traps air. The higher the loft, the ‘fluffier’ the down and the better the insulating power.

Composition: the ratio of down to feather in a bag, given as a percentage. For example, 90 per cent down, ten per cent feather.

Species: goose down generally achieves better loft than duck, with the best down coming from mature, free-range birds from extremely cold climates.

The quality of down in a sleeping bag makes a huge difference to the performance of the bag, in terms of warmth, weight, durability and compactness. However, often there is very little information provided about a bag’s fill, making it very hard to compare.
All down used in One Planet products is independently tested by the IDFL (International Down and Feather Laboratory and Institute) for loft, composition, species and cleanliness. Our test results are accurately recorded on the quality label inside the foot of each sleeping bag. (Please note: traces of down and or feather of different species and colour than that noted on the bag may occur.)

One Planet sleeping bags use four qualities of down.

Duck – 700+ loft
700 loft (in³/oz US) or 380 (cm³/g EU)
Our best value down. Used for applications where minimum weight and packed size is not critical.
Duck – 750+ loft
750 loft (in³/oz US) or 414 (cm³/g EU)
This down has excellent compactability and loft recovery, with a long user life.
Goose – 800+ loft
800 loft (in³/oz US) or 424 (cm³/g EU)
Same characteristics as the 750 loft duck down, just a little better and a little more expensive.
Goose – 850+ loft
850+ loft (in³/oz US) or 447 (cm³/g EU)
Very extravagant! Used in our Customline bags.

Fill ratio: Most people move in their sleep, so loading the top of the bag with lots of extra down isn’t necessarily effective. We use a fill ratio of approximately 55/45, with 55 per cent of the fill in the top of the bag where it provides maximum warmth.

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