Backpacks vary greatly in both size and features depending on the activity they are designed for. Choosing the right pack for your next adventure can make the difference between it being a success or not.

Backpack Buying Guide has a large range of Quality Hiking Packs, Travel Backpacks and Luggage BagsHydration Packs and Backpack accessories from the outdoor industries leading manufacturers including OspreyOne PlanetArc'teryxLowe Alpine and many more.

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Backpacks come in a range of different sizes and styles designed to fulfill the requirements of a multitude of different activities. When choosing a pack the first thing to decide is what size of pack you require. Often this will depend on the length of time that you intend to be away for. As a rough guide we have split the pack capacities into four ranges relating to the intended length of time that will be spent away from home 0 - 30 Li... continue reading
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