We have been selling Camellbak products since Camelbak first came to Australia.

Water Bottles come in many sizes from 600ml, 750ml, 1 Litre and 1.5 Litre for the thirstiest of person in the outdoor environment. The styles and developement have seen the lid of the Camelbaks bottle change the way we all drink from a water bottle.
Camelbak also come in a range of bags and backpacks with a few styles of bumbags for differnt outdoor activities especially in Australia. All the camelbak backpacks contain the Omega Reervoir in different sizes depending on your activity,1.5Litre, 2 Litre and a large 3 Litre reservoir capacity.

If you are hiking, biking, climbing a crag or kayaking the hawksberry river camelbak keeps you hydrated.

Now with many models as the Camelbak Mule 3.o Litre, Camelbak LOBO, Camelbak Classic range and many more..

At, we specialise in providing the right hydration system with trusted expert advice on the entire range

Camelbak hydration Australian specialist dealer